70: Should you be using a Facebook Personal Profile or Business Page?

In this episode we will be talking about whether you should be using a Facebook Personal Profile  or a Business Page for your network marketing business.  This is a hot topic right now in our profession, and I know there are many differing opinions on what you should be doing.       One of the reasons this is such a hot topic is because Facebook is starting to crack down on people that are overly promotional and using their profile to sell.  As a result, a lot of network marketers are afraid to use their personal profile.  So, does that mean you should completely shift your focus to a Business Page for your business?   Here’s my answer: absolutely not.   However, you do need to be smarter about your approach. The number one goal for Facebook is to improve the user experience. When Network Marketers are spammy with their approach and cold pitch hundreds of people from their personal profile, they get in the way of that goal.   Here’s the key to successful marketing on Facebook and what will keep you out of trouble:  DON’T BE AN INFOMERCIAL. What does that mean?  It means you need to learn to create content on Facebook that isn’t just about you selling all the time, and actually adds value to other people.  The three things I always teach people to do with their content are; educate, entertain, and empower.       The majority of your content that you create should have nothing to do with your specific network marketing company.  Most of your “selling” and “recruiting” is going to happen behind the scenes through private conversations.  This is what is often referred to today as ‘curiosity marketing’.  It’s understanding that if you can add value to others with your content, you’ll build a bigger audience and that will lead to more sales and recruits.     I didn’t create this episode to instill fear of getting your profile shut down - but I want you to to be educated. I want you to understand that we have a responsibility as a profession to be better about the way we use Facebook.  If you are educated and smarter about your approach, you will not only be safe longterm, but you will be leveraging social media to help you create real results.   If you are interested in staying on top of what’s working TODAY when it comes to marketing on social media, head to LegacyLeadershipAcademy.com to enter your name and email to be placed on the waitlist.   Hopefully you get a ton of value out of the training, feel free to share the episode with anyone that you think it could help!   How do you like the new format and messaging of the show? Go to iTunes and leave a comment to let me know!

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