69: Purpose Driven Prospecting

In this episode we will be talking about purpose driven prospecting. Many people in network marketing initially struggle with fear and a lack of confidence, which makes it difficult to create deep and meaningful connections with prospects.   Here's what makes Purpose Driven Prospecting different... it's sharing WHY you do what you do, before you share WHAT you do, or HOW it's different.  Most people in network marketing do the exact opposite.  When you learn how to lead with WHY, it becomes a total game changer for your results.   Purpose Driven Prospecting will help you start getting the attention of people in a totally different way, help you start making much deeper and more meaningful connections with people, and create loyal life-long clients and business partners for you. It is based on you being clearly able to communicate and lead with your WHY when speaking to a prospect.   When you learn to present your products and opportunity this way, people will start looking at what you do in a totally different way.   Humans aren’t logical beings - we’re emotional beings. We don’t make decisions based off of facts and figures, we make decisions emotionally. Once you learn how to put words to your WHY, you’ll be speaking directly to the emotional decision making part of your prospect’s brain.   Everyone of you has a WHY - some sort of deep-seated purpose, a cause or belief that is the source of your passion and inspiration. You may not know it yet, or know how to put it into words, but it’s there.   Very few people can clearly articulate WHY they do what they do, and you need to start looking at your business as simply a vehicle that allows you to live out your purpose or WHY.   Head to LegacyLeadershipAcademy.com to enter your name and email to be placed on the waitlist.   Hopefully you get a ton of value out of the training, feel free to share the episode with anyone that you think it could help!   How do you like the new format and messaging of the show? Go to iTunes and leave a comment to let me know!

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