57: How to Create Know, LOVE, and Trust with Your Audience

This episode is about the training I did about the marketing boot camp that held in February this year. My training was about using live video and generating confidence and build powerful connection with the viewers, listeners and the audience through the live video. I refer to this connection as no love and trust. In marketing and sales, there is a common belief that people buy from marketers whom they don’t know. There is no place of love, trust and friendship in a business. However, in the modern entrepreneurship and business strategies, this is no more the case. The new investors, business persons and entrepreneurs base their business on love and customer trust and gain profits on the base of popularity among the general public by making good customer relations and a bonding based on trust and friendship. The key to success in modern day is conversion. To convert your ideas and products in dollars to earn profit is the real success in the modern day branding and marketing. Being one of the newest techniques for branding your product or services, live video is the key element to add in your business strategy and branding. I started 15 years ago as a marketer, and personally faced a lot of troubled and difficulties in my service regarding my job. A couple of companies I was working with got shut and I was completely broke. It was 2015 when I decided to start live streaming in order to attract new people to the company I was working with. Despite of being scared of public speaking, I mustered up my courage and started live streaming. It wasn’t easy for me to attract people by making a live video and doing live streaming but sometimes, you have to step out of your comfort zone and do something different, think out of the box. Today, I am successful and I train people all across the world because of my crazy decision. Don’t settle for what you’ve already mastered, and aim for something new every day. I shared my story as an inspiration for you. I didn’t get successful with ease. I worked hard and adopted a way that changed my perspective of marketing and made me what I am today. Marketing is not about selling goods and service you are offering, marketing is about selling yourself and making good customer relations based on their trust and love for you and your company. Live video is one of the greatest inventions in the history of marketing and branding. Live video is all about being close to people and making good relations with people. The only success in getting started with live streaming is to be real. People gets attract to what they see and when you are doing live video, make sure to be yourself and attract people through your attitude and behavior towards them. Live streaming is a very powerful tool if you can use it wisely and can create something out of box. Think differently, be yourself and connect with people.    

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