54: How to Use the New Facebook Stories Feature to Build Your Business

Today I want to talk to you about Facebook Stories! This exciting new feature just launched on Facebook and I want to share how you can use this incredibly powerful tool to get more attention on social media. This tool is also an incredibly powerful feature from a prospecting and recruiting standpoint to generate more engagement from your audience. So, you may be asking what is Facebook stories? It is a series of small videos and pictures that you can take throughout your day to essentially tell the story of your day. It allows you to show a more personal side of yourself and bring people into your world and get to know you. Right now, it is not available for everyone but it is being rolled out over the next week. The main difference between Instagram stories and Facebook stories is the filters. With Facebook stories, you can add the filters before you ever take a picture or video. One of the things about stories is it allows you to show your personality and the videos can even be up to 20 seconds long as opposed to the shorter versions on Instagram and Snapchat. Like with anything new, the key to success is consistency. If you can stay consistent and give yourself time to get better and rise to the top you will win on this platform. The best way to create content is to stop thinking and start documenting! Just be yourself and start documenting your life. The beauty of the story functionality is allowing you to become the star of your own reality TV show! This allows you to begin building a personal brand. Through stories you can show anything and everything that is important and that matters to you. Familiarity breeds trust and if you are constantly in front of peoples face you become trustworthy. One example of something you can do is to start documenting your journey as an entrepreneur. Talk about the things you are learning. Share your successes and also your failures. You may be asking how does this help me sell more and recruit more people? This happens because everything you share with someone becomes a point of commonality with that person. The more you share of yourself and the more points you can create, the more conversations you can start. This is where the sales and network growth begin! Actionable method to getting started on Facebook Stories:  Focus on a mix of content by both being funny and adding value to your viewers Give yourself permission to be you and stand out Use Facebook Stories to drive traffic to other channels such as Facebook Live, etc. Quick reminder: I have a live training event coming up on April 7-9 that you should strongly consider. Be sure to check it out here: https://breakthroughacademylive.com/2017

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