53: Embrace Your Inner Weirdo

In this episode, we have a little bit of fun while we discuss embracing your inner weirdo! What I mean by this is that we need to acknowledge that as entrepreneurs we are not normal. It is not normal for someone to subject themselves to what we must put up with every single day to build a successful business. It’s not normal for someone to spend hours listening to a podcast or attending a training seminar but I want you to acknowledge that this is a really good thing because here’s what I know about normal people. They are not happy and they are not satisfied. They work just hard enough so they don’t get fired and their boss pays them just enough so they won’t quit. They live just for the weekend and depression sets in on Sunday night as they must face their job or career that they hate. This is no life for you and me! We are weirdos and we need to embrace that! Steps to embracing your inner weirdo Acknowledge that entrepreneurship is a lonely place when starting out Acknowledge that you are not normal Start celebrating being different Look for other weirdos Forget all the normal people’s opinions My message to you is simple and it’s that being an entrepreneur makes you weird and you need to start embracing this because you are not normal and this is one of the most amazing qualities of entrepreneurs. You’re a weirdo! Start celebrating it, looking for other weirdos, and forget all those normal people! Quick reminder: I have a live training event coming up on April 7-9 that you should strong consider. Be sure to check it out here: https://breakthroughacademylive.com/2017

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