52: Change Your Focus, Change Your Life

Today we talk about changing your focus and changing your life!  At any moment of our life, we can begin to choose to think differently and empower ourselves. Unfortunately, part of the human condition is to focus on the negative and create pessimistic thoughts within our mind. It is often times these thoughts that create the condition bias that leads to our eventual results in life.  Today I want to empower you with strategies to be aware of the cause of this negativity and to consciously make a decision to change your focus. Some important questions to think about: Do you generally spend your time focusing on things that you have or things that you don’t have? Do you focus on what good qualities you exemplify or how you are not good enough by comparing yourself to others? Are you focused on the past or are you focused on the future? In addition to these reflection questions, I want you to start to notice your own self talk. Many people would never talk to someone else the way they talk to themselves. Now is the time to stop being so negative and focus on the positive! An important component of your focus is confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is the idea that you only see and hear what you focus on. For example, if you are focusing on how you are not good enough, then you will begin to find examples and reminders of this on a regular basis throughout your life. A powerful alternative is to shift your focus and leverage this confirmation bias in your favor. Here is an exercise to perform: Make a list of ten things that you can be grateful for and every morning read this list. This will allow you to start your day with gratitude. Gratitude in many ways is the gateway drug to motivation. In addition, you need to celebrate the small wins within your life and business. Big accomplishments are nothing more than a bunch of small wins along the way. Begin to use these strategies to change your focus and ultimately change your life today! Quick reminder: I have a live training event coming up on April 7 – 9 that you should strongly consider. Be sure to check it out here: www.BreakthroughAcademyLive.com 

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