EP 19: Bobble on with GaN Insurance

  In this episode, Scott and Bradley sit down with Zack Gould and Matt Naimoli owners of GaN Insurance, named one of Inc. 5000's fastest growing privately held companies. The guys discuss GaN's cutting edge business model that focuses on working with large volume referral partners. Zack and Matt discuss how they form these partnerships by providing value on the front end for the referral partner and not talking about insurance. Sit back and turn up the volume because this episode is packed with knowledge bombs.   Resources: Website - GaN Insurance  Zack Gould Matt Naimoli About The Insurance Guys The Insurance Guys Podcast is made and dedicated to agents by agents. Scott Howell and Bradley Flowers discuss all aspects of becoming an insurance agent and give real-life examples of their experiences in all aspects of hiring, sales and the day-to-day reality of running your own successful insurance agency. Please subscribe, review and rate our show on iTunes, SoundCloud, IheartRadio App, Spotify a Overcast.

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