What is Reactivity?

What is emotional reactivity? How do direct realization traditions view reactivity? What are some of the ways we work with reactivity and unwind repetitive karmic patterns of response? A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi Curious to find out more about spiritual life, Trika Shaivism, and Shambhavi? Want to know how you can attend live teachings or get started practicing? Visit jayakula.org for lots more media, instruction in mantra and meditation, and a full calendar of IRL teachings with Shambhavi.     You can also find us on FB and instagram @jayakula   And if you’d like to support these teachings, please rate and review this podcast as it helps others find us. You can also make a donation at jayakula.org/giving   Thanks for listening! And much love to you, wherever and however you are. 

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