High Superheat High Discharge Temperature - Not Good

On this episode, I go over call a recent call I was on. The compressor of a heater/chiller was shutting down during process, let's find out why. Navac https://navacglobal.com/ Testo https://www.testo.com/en-US/ Bluon https://www.bluonenergy.com/ Refrigeration Technologies https://www.refrigtech.com/ Cool Air Products https://www.coolairproducts.net/ Danfoss https://www.danfoss.com/en/ Yellow Jacket  https://yellowjacket.com/ XOi Technologies http://www.xoi.io/hvac-know-it-all-demo/ Save 8% off at Trutech Tools using promo code knowitall https://www.trutechtools.com/ Housecall Pro https://www.housecallpro.com/hvacknowitall

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