Why we’re excited for New World | Episode 01 in our yet to be titled New World Podcast

MTBtrigger and Ronal are starting a New World Podcast!

It has been a while since the podcasting pair has played a new game the both wanted to dig in to.  The last time it happened was Escape From Tarkov, but the new MMO, New World, is just around the corner that has MTB and Ronal excited to dig in.

On this episode, MTB and Ronal talk about the various systems they experienced during the two betas they played in.  While only experiencing the early game, in both of their cases it led to them wanting more and being excited for the games release.

The episode wraps with a discussion, from each of their viewpoints, about the most exciting features of New World and the opportunities and things they’d like to see developed in the future.


All this and more in the episode!


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