Lindsay Alesso, a Senior Client Development Manager at CJ Affiliate, on how to approach the intricacies of affiliate marketing with clarity

In our very last episode of Season 5, we sit down with Lindsay Alesso to discuss the intricacies and tactics of affiliate marketing. Lindsay is a Senior Client Development Manager at CJ Affiliate who has worked with global brands in the travel, retail, fashion, and sportswear space on their marketing objectives to create and execute short and long-term affiliate strategies. She’s been a panelist for many affiliate events that are focused on the value of content, and has received recognition and accolades for her own work in content strategy.

Some Takeaways from our time together: 

  • Platforms change and that changes the way creators interact with their followers (which is important for the brand to know)
  • To understand how strong your commission structure is, ask content creators!
  • Before starting any campaign, before deciding any platforms you want to activate on, Define your goals and what your KPIs are for your efforts. 

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