Do The Work

Do The Work - by Steven Pressfield

This book (and this podcast episode) is designed to coach you through a project from conception to finished product. Be that a book, a ballet, a new business venture, a philanthropic enterprise, we’re going to see it from the perspective of The Resistance (that evil counterproductive force that Pressfield made famous in his other books that we’ve previously covered on the podcast, The War of Art and Turning Pro).

We'll hit every predictable Resistance Point along the way. Those junctures where fear, self-sabotage, procrastination, self-doubt, and all those other demons we're all so familiar with can be counted upon to strike. Where butts need to be kicked, we'll kick them. Where kinder, gentler methods are called for, we'll get out the kid gloves.

Strap in for the ride, then get started on your project. Do The Work!


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