227: Building a Healthy Microbiome in Children with Dr. Melina Roberts

During this episode we get the opportunity to speak with Dr. Melina Roberts. Dr. Melina Roberts is recognized as one of the top Biological Medicine practitioners in North America and was selected by Dr. Thomas Rau to be a lecturer for the Swiss Biomedicine Academy. She is a published author of the book “Building a Healthy Child” and has articles in scientific journals and magazines including The Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients,Food Matters, Alive Magazine, IMPACT Magazine and Amber Approved Magazine. During our chat Melina takes us through her personal journey in natural health and some very unique perspectives she has on the gut and microbiome in children.   “80% of our immune system is housed in our gut” - Dr. Melina Roberts   Dr. Melina Roberts@drmelinaroberts Melina's Book: "Building a Healthy Child"   -     Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed this episode the best compliment you can give is a referral, so please share this with your friends and remember to subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher and write us a review!   This show is about you, the listener, so get involved and send us your feedback, questions and topic suggestions at busbynaturopathics.com/podcast -  email us at podcast@busbynaturopathics.com   Join us in the health journey by following us on: Facebook | Instagram | Youtube   Please note: The information given in this podcast is for informational purposes only it is not intended as personal medical advise or treatment. We recommend that you seek advise from a licensed health care professional for your own personal circumstances before applying any new treatments discussed in this podcast.

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