Pisces Full Moon in Virgo Meditation

This Mystic Body Meditation will help you connect to your chakras using the energy of the Pisces full moon in Virgo. The moon will be full on August 26th, 2018 at 7:56 am ET. When the moon is full, the sun, the moon and the earth are aligned in the sky. This is a great time to tap into that energy. The Pisces energy of the moon is represented by the path between the Heart and the Ground chakras with Neptune in the Throat chakra. The Virgo energy of the sun is represented by the path between the Solar Plexus and the Knee chakras with the Earth in the Ground Chakra. The sun in Virgo will bring a strong “pick yourself up by the boot straps “ energy. The full moon in Pisces will give you a strong sense on yin yang energy going up and down your body connected to the earth and allowing you to tap into your divine knowledge. Note in this mediation I say one swear word towards the end of the meditation and I also mention a star gazing app. The one I use is SkyView – Explore the Universe. Look for it in iTunes. We hope you enjoy this journey towards peace, good cheer and enlightenment and find the unlimited potential within your mystic body. Subscribe to Mystic Body Meditation on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify and leave a review! For more information, check out the Mystic Body Meditation Podcast blog at nancywalters.co.

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