New Moon in Leo Meditation

This Mystic Body Meditation will help you connect to your chakras using the energy of the new moon in Leo. The new moon will be on August 11th, 2018 at 5:58 am ET. During this new moon there will also be a partial solar eclipse. The moon will move in between the earth and the sun. All three will be in a line for a short period of time, in Leo. We start by focusing on the first chakra in the path of Leo, the pelvis and then we add in the second chakra in the path of Leo, the knees chakra. The hero and the heroine. This is a time for romance and passion. Strength. Then we add in the solar plexus, the sun. The center of Self. It is also a time to be true to yourself. Embrace yourself with passion and humility. Have a great week! We hope you enjoy this journey towards peace, good cheer and enlightenment and find the unlimited potential within your mystic body. Subscribe to Mystic Body Meditation on YouTube and iTunes. For more information, check out the Mystic Body Meditation Podcast blog at

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