The Switch Meditation 01:11

This Mystic Body Meditation will help you connect to your chakras using the energy of The Switch. We call it The Switch because it’s effortless. It can fill your body with energy like a light switch fills a room with light. There are two switches in your body that you can use to effortlessly connect to your chakras. They are twin switches because they mirror each other. The first switch is between the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra and the second switch is between the pelvis and the lower abdomen. This meditation will guide you to connecting to your switches so you will be able to connect to your chakras in any situation effortlessly. We hope you enjoy this journey towards peace, good cheer and enlightenment finding the unlimited potential within your mystic body. You can find Mystic Body Meditation on Spotify, YouTube and iTunes. Subscribe on YouTube and iTunes. And Please leave a review. For more information, check out the Mystic Body Meditation Podcast blog at

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