New Moon in Gemini Meditation 01:09

This Mystic Body Meditation will help you connect to your chakras using the new moon in Gemini energy. This month the new moon will occur on June 13, 2018 at 3:43pm ET. The new moon symbolizes new beginnings. It is a good time to look at old goals and set new goals. Begin new projects. The new moon in Gemini is all about communication. This is a good time to improve your communication skills by listening to others and enjoying the point of view of others. By working with the energy on the path of Gemini which is the balls of the feet, to the solar plexus to the lower abdomen you will free up the energy in your crown and throat chakras opening up your energy to the clever, witty banter of Gemini. A quick note, we hope you can excuse the numerous planes in the background not sure what was going on in the skies above LA when we were recording this meditation! We hope you enjoy this journey towards peace, good cheer and enlightenment and find the unlimited potential within your mystic body. Subscribe to Mystic Body Meditation on YouTube and iTunes. If you are enjoying this meditation, please give us a review! For more information, check out the Mystic Body Meditation Podcast blog at

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