Facebook Live: Concerns with Perimenopause and the Dangers of Soy

-My cycle length has always been 35+ days, very irregular, but I had zero issues getting pregnant with my kids. When I turned 42, my cycle suddenly shortened to 22-23 days which I discovered meant that I was probably perimenopausal. I tried everything until I found your site with supplement suggestions. I have been taking what you recommend for “old eggs”. As soon as I started to follow your supplement recommendations, my cycle lengthened to 29 days, and I even get it at the exact same time of day each month. That has never happened all the years I’ve had a period. I also have about 3 days of EWCM and a positive OPK around day 12. Are these good signs of fertility? I have read that women approaching menopause all of a sudden get an extremely regular cycle when they have never experienced that before, so I don’t know what to think. -My question is if it's ok to eat miso soup every day when you are struggling with estrogen dominance because it is a soy product (my signs of estrogen dominance being breast tenderness, irregular period, hair loss, and night sweats)? I'm really attached to my bowl of miso soup in the morning, but if it needs to go it needs to go I guess. Another question I have: what else can I do to detox my liver outside of the supplements you prescribe? Thank you! When you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you finally get pregnant a healthier, easier, faster, and more affordable way: 1. Get My FREE Simply Fertility Activation Checklist. Make sure you’ve ticked all the right boxes. Follow these simple steps on the path to pregnancy that many women overlook. Grab it here: http://heidibrockmyre.com/fertility-activation-checklist 2. Save your seat: Join my FREE Online Masterclass: My #1 Fertility Secret to Getting Pregnant Now Without IVF or Drugs Want to know the exact steps I teach my clients to finally get pregnant even after they had tried everything else? Learn my method to renew your faith in your ability to conceive and take back control of your body and health. (And if you are using fertility treatment, this will work for you too.) Click here to save your seat: http://heidibrockmyre.com/fam-webinar 3. Get on the list: The doors to my signature program Fertility Activation Method are opening soon. Get on the waitlist here: http://heidibrockmyre.com/fam Let’s get you happy, healthy, and holistically pregnant already! Additional links: Signs of Menopause: https://heidibrockmyre.com/blog/signs-of-menopause Magic Mineral Broth: https://www.rebeccakatz.com/magic-mineral-broth Bone Broth: https://heidibrockmyre.com/blog/recipe-to-improve-your-egg-supply-and-amh-levels?fbclid=IwAR1EUdgRi3YyddfHNPnZMNgA8Jo36tnTsKzN2uoPkEykZhv_QFMp617bk18  

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