Live QaA 8.4.20

In today's podcast I discuss: - Is it safe to place ice in your abdomen if your period is strong (midnight start of day 2) just so I can sleep instead of waking up every 2 hours to dispose what’s in my v-cup (tmi). Ice, I noticed, helps lessen the flow but I’m not sure if it’s safe or will it lead to internal clotting. - When finally pregnant, what are your main recommendations? - I’m really tired after ovulation lately. What could that be? - I'm struggling with really irregular cycles. I've miscarried 4 times - where would you recommend I start at? - How much can your program - Fertility Activation Method™ help at the age of 46? - Can poor responders with low AMH fall pregnant naturally? Before my IVF cycle I had 3 follicles. When i started IVF, I only had one follicle and this didn't grow enough. My chances looked better before! I’m 30 and debating whether or not to try again with a different stimulant, try naturally or just get used to the idea of an egg donor. So confused! Cold Uterus Blog Post - Pregnancy Supplement Guide: What exercises are safe when trying to conceive? Total Pregnancy Wellness Program - A Self-Acupressure Program to Support a Healthy, Comfortable and Full-Term Pregnancy Castor Oil Packs: When you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you finally get pregnant a healthier, easier, faster and more affordable way: 1. Get My FREE Simply Fertility Activation Checklist. Make sure you’ve ticked all the right boxes. Follow these simple steps on the path to pregnancy that many women overlook. Grab it here: 2. Save your seat: Join my FREE Online Masterclass: My #1 Fertility Secret to Getting Pregnant Now Without IVF or Drugs Want to know the exact steps I teach my clients to finally get pregnant even after they had tried everything else? Learn my method to renew your faith in your ability to conceive and take back control of your body and health. (And if you are using fertility treatment, this will work for you too.) Click here to save your seat: 3. Get on the list: The doors to my signature program Fertility Activation Method are opening soon. Get on the waitlist here: Let’s get you happy, healthy and holistically pregnant already!   

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