Is it a Histamine Allergy or Mast Cell Activation Syndrome?

Have you noticed that you’re becoming very sensitive and reactive to foods, smells, pollens, chemicals, EMF's, medications or supplements? Or that you’re having constant migraine headaches, your heart races a your body feels hot or painful after eating and you’re down to a handful of foods you can eat w/o having a reaction? If so, it’s more than just a food sensitivity or allergy. For some it can start as a histamine reaction while for others, it’s the beginning to a Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS).  On this episode of Regenerate You™, I discuss the difference between the two and what you can do to treat them both naturally.  Helpful resources: To heal your Gut in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: Schedule an IV C to reduce the mast cell response: High histamine food list: you’re looking for additional advice, feel free to visit my blog here. You can also stay connected with me on my Facebook page @DrNirvanaHeals or on my Instagram @DrNirvana.And remember, when you regenerate, there’s a new you every day!

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