EP256: Why Sleep is Critical for Vibrant Health with Doc Parsley

It’s no secret that poor sleep can cause irritability, decreased productivity and sugar cravings, but it may surprise you that according to sleep expert (and former Navy Seal) Dr. Kirk Parsley...  “Those who are chronically sleep deprived, those who work lifetime night shifts, chronic insomniacs and those who take sleeping pills chronically die (on average) 12 years earlier and have a higher risk of disease earlier in life.” Why?  Because sleep is literally one of the most (if not THE most) important thing you can do for your health.  So if you’re not getting 7-9 hours of sleep each night (or you have kids who aren’t great sleepers) check out this week’s incredible podcast with Doc Parsley on the importance of sleep, and the simple things you can do to get more of it.  Here are some of the fun tidbits we cover... How much sleep we actually need each night The #1 sleep disruptor The nutrient deficiency that can interfere with sleep The best sleep supplement on the market How to get your kids to sleep better The dangerous downsides of sleep drugs Why those who take sleep drugs die (on average) 12 years earlier Signs you are not getting enough sleep The type of sleep that is critical for brain function The link between sleep deprivation and ADHD The ONLY way to know you had a great night of sleep The #1 most important thing for great sleep 2 things that need to happen for you to wind down The 3 basics of deep sleep Why you may need less sleep on a keto diet Why melatonin is different than most hormones The 3 pillars of health And so much more! Please share this podcast with anyone you know who could use a few more zzzz’s and consider it your good deed for the day.   Valuable Resources:  Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy Get 10% OFF with discount code: paleovalley HERE! Paleovalley Essential C Complex Support better sleep by reducing cortisol levels HERE!

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