214: How Dental Health Affects Hormonal Health with Dr. Leedia Riman

Dr. Leedia Riman is a dentist whose mission is to start a movement empowering and educating women and mothers about the importance of preventive oral health. She believes gynecology and dentistry should go hand in hand because hormonal changes have such a tremendous impact on every single transition of a woman’s oral health. Leedia practices biological dentistry, which means she utilizes some pretty amazing tools to preserve teeth and prevent systemic dental problems. In this episode, we talk about the connection between your dental health and your overall health, how your body’s natural hormonal fluctuations affect your dental health, what you can do to maintain good dental health during pregnancy, how hormonal birth control, IVF, and egg freezing impact your dental health, and so much more!   To learn more about Dr. Leedia Riman, visit https://nicolejardim.com/podcasts/how-dental-health-affects-hormonal-health-dr-leedia-riman.

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