Humour, Seriously

Humour, Seriously - by Jennifer Aaker & Naomi Bagdonas

Why Humour Is A Superpower At Work And In Life (And How Anyone Can Harness It... Even You)

Everyone loves a laugh. We like to watch funny movies, listen to entertaining podcasts, go to comedy festivals to watch stand up or improv. But that's all in our personal lives... surely in our professional lives there's less room for jokes? Surely the workplace should be a little more "serious" if we want to be productive and effective?

Well, it turns out that humour isn't something that stands in your way at work - it's something that can actually help you BECOME more productive and effective. Humour at work can deepen relationships, make people more effective and more joyful at work, and fundamentally transform companies from somewhere "serious" to something more enjoyable.

This book Is About blending the behavioural science of humour with principles of comedy and applying them in a way that would actually be useful in business and work.


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