Lorinska Merrington On Going From Teacher To TV Star

Lorinska Merrington started out as a teacher, specialising in early childhood development and integration for children with special needs. These days the “Yummy Mummy,” with the best laugh in the business, is a television personality, MC, influencer and reality TV star. She’s also taking on the coding giants of Silicon Valley with her own app, Bub, which is designed to be the ultimate companion for expectant mums. With almost 700,000 followers and a feed full of glamorous photos she knows this life could disappear as quickly as it came.  So she works overtime to make sure that she can keep her kids fed, her mortgage paid, and her brand kicking goals. She opens up to host Tully Smyth about the work that she put into her studies, the networking and the sacrifices she made to get to where she is today. Plus she does it all with a damaged voice box! So if you’re wondering if she’s okay, we promise she is! GUEST: Lorinska Merrington - @lorinska and @bub.app HOST: Tully Smyth - @tee_smyth PRODUCER: Elise Cooper GET IN TOUCH Call the PodPhone on 02 8999 9386. Email the show at podcast@mamamia.com.au  Social Squad is a podcast by Mamamia. Find more shows here https://www.mamamia.com.au/podcasts Social Squad is also Mamamia's influencer marketing agency. Check us out on Instagram @socialsquad   Support the show: https://www.mamamia.com.au/podcasts/social-squad/ See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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