So How About Those New Year Resolutions?

0:56 -- The first time we talked about New Year Resolutions 1:14 -- Ice Age Meals; get 30% off with “IAMFRESHCUP”  2:40 -- More than 80% of New Year resolutions fail by February 3:39 -- CrossFit was the most googled fitness resolution in the US 5:32 -- Mark Irwin at Bobby’s Boxing Gym 6:37 -- Step One: Reassess those goals and your progress thus far   16:48 -- Step Two: Make a series of smaller goals 20:20 -- Step Three: Do You Have an Actionable Plan 21:39 -- Best Self Journal 26:04 -- Get 30% off of Ice Age Meals with code “IAMFRESHCUP” 29:06 -- Step Four: Ask an Expert 35:09 -- Step Five: Find an Accountability Partner  44:10 -- Daring Greatly by Brene Brown  44:58 -- Eat, Move Sleep by Tom Rath  45:41 -- Atomic Habits by James Clear 46:17 -- Principles by Ray Dalio  49:30 -- 30% off at Ice Age Meals with code “IAMFRESHCUP” Follow Morning Chalk Up: Follow Jessica Danger: Follow Brittany Marsh:

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