#169 - Bernie and Rebecca Discuss Emotional Eating

Today Bernie and I talk about emotional eating. What's normal, what's not, when is it time to make meaningful changes? Tune in and learn all about the protective system of emotion regulation and how Bernie's "inner caregiver" helped him find connection and community.. Check the show notes to watch the video version. --- BodyKindnessBook.com/start for a free starter kit to practicing Body Kindness. --- Get the Body Kindness book It's available wherever books and audiobooks are sold. Read reviews on Amazon and pick up your copy today! Order signed copies and bulk discounts here! --- Support the show If you're enjoying the show we'd love if you'd consider making a contribution at GoFundMe.com/bodykindness. 100% of any amount you can give goes to offset to production expenses. If 20 people can donate $25, it pays for this episode. We're so grateful to have you as a listener, and we thank you for your support. --- Get started with Body KindnessSign up to get started for free and stay up to date on the latest offerings --- Subscribe to the podcastWe're on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and iHeartRadio. Enjoy the show? Please rate it on iTunes! Have a show idea or guest recommendation? E-mail podcast@bodykindnessbook.com to get in touch. --- Join the Facebook groupContinue the episode conversations with the hosts, guests, and fellow listeners on the Body Kindness Facebook group. See you there! Nothing in this podcast is meant to provide medical diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. Individuals should consult a qualified healthcare provider for medical advice and answers to personal health questions.

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