Molecular Hydrogen - Ep. 111

Living Beyond 120 offers its very own hydrogen tablet, Living Beyond 120 H2 Molecular Hydrogen; it is a supplement shown to reduce the production of the inflammation-causing COX-2 enzyme. In today’s episode, Dr. Mark Young and Dr. Jeffrey Gladden from Gladden Longevity discuss the topic of hydrogen-rich water, as well as discuss the known benefits and new research on the effects of hydrogen-rich water on various biomarkers of aging!


We discuss:

  • - The tip of the day, which points out the effects that diet sodas and carbonated water have on your health (2:40);
  • - How eating could be one of the most biologically stressful things on your body (9:49);
  • - The Living Beyond 120 H2 Molecular Hydrogen supplement, and providing clarity on how to take it (15:00);
  • - A new study that shows the effects of six months of hydrogen intake on the molecular and phenotypic biomarkers of aging in adults 70 years and older (21:46);
  • - How the data from the study links hydrogen-rich water to actual changes in biometric and chemical markers (25:57);
  • - Biology being an economy of balance, and how hydrogen plays a role in balancing the system (27:01); 
  • - If hydrogen has any role in helping “crepey” skin (27:36);
  • - The value of using hydrogen topically (30:43);
  • - The frequency in which people should be using hydrogen (32:02);
  • - Innovative ways other countries, like Japan, are using hydrogen (33:22);
  • - Potential benefits of using hydrogen when going through chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy (35:15); 
  • - Coupling hydrogen water with exercise, and the science behind it (36:38);
  • - Dr. Gladden’s empowering question (37:51);
  • - A closing metaphor from Dr. Young (38:45);


Purchase the Living Beyond 120 H2 Molecular Hydrogen supplement here: 

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