Our Favorite Gifts For The Holidays - PTP384

In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we let you in on our favorite things that you should totally know about that can make great gifts for the holidays or you may even be able to get a hold of on Black Friday. We always appreciate you being here and we know you must enjoy the show. Some of these items that would make great gifts come with promo codes and discounts to you that help pay some podcasting bills. And when you click through our Plant Trainers Amazon site, you don’t pay a cent more, but we get a tiny gratitude from Amazon that helps fund our interns.  In this episode we discuss:  Small bits of algae and hush weighted blankets,  Bright Biofy smoothies and air fried Brussel nuggets, Black bean chilli boiled up in an instant pot,  These are a few of our favorite things to shop. Pink salt lamps and gel for your muscles, Kids books and cookbooks and bicycle trainers, Only what we use for ourselves is what we sing, These are a few of our favorite things. Links to things we mentioned: Biofy Limitless Greens –  - get $35 off with code: PLANTTRAINERS35  – use “planttrainers” at checkout for a discount! Find more at planttrainers.com/384 

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