Understanding Pandemics Like COVID-19 with Dr. Tushar Mehta - PTP363

In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Dr. Tushar Mehta all about past, current, like COVID-19, and future pandemics. It’s really important to understand some of the most impactful reasons pandemics started so we can make decisions that put us in the best position not to let them happen again. We talk about what a pandemic actually is, break down some other important vocabulary like Zoonosis and talk about how and why viruses morph. You are going to find this super interesting. So buckle your seatbelts, because it is a long one.  Dr. Tushar Mehta is an ER physician working in the Toronto area and has practiced family and addiction medicine in the past. Over the years he has worked with Project CANOE, a Toronto based organization serving youth, conducted medical outreach with village schools in Kutch India, and currently works with Health Education Project Haiti. In 2013 He spent 4 months sailing with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to protect whales in Antarctic waters.   Tushar is very interested in the evidence for a plant-based diet as it impacts health and ecology.  Currently, he is reviewing evidence for the role of animal agriculture in viral pandemics. Along with a small team, he has created a database of literature, called Plant-Based Data, to help people access the best research regarding a plant-based diet on these important subjects. In this episode we discuss:  #BlackLivesMatter What’s happening in the hospitals now How COVID is affecting general health Zoonosis What are pandemics How viruses start Bats and pangolins Corona Diseases Why viruses mutate Factory farming  Influenza A and Influenza B Historical flu pandemics Bushmeat trade  How to prevent pandemics Smallpox  Ebola type virus  What to expect as we open up

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