How To Boost Your Immunity Against Viruses - PTP348

In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk about 6 ways to boost your immunity and do your best to keep germs as far away as possible. We cover a bit about what the immune system is, foods to eat, ideas to consider and thoughts to think to keep your immunity strong and carry on and not have a need to deplete your home's kleenex stores.  When you are sick, overweight, or already have a cold, if you're part of the aging population, you are at a greater risk of picking up other bugs. So it’s important to keep your immune system as strong as possible and we share what you can be doing to keep germs away and not spread them to others. We need to take steps to strengthen cells that strengthen our tissues that strengthen our organs that strengthen our body systems and that end up strengthening us overall. Please share this with as many people as possible and be safe. Remember, we are giving away 30 minute free consultations when you mention this episode.  In this episode we discuss: Inflammation Nutrition Sleep Hygiene Stress Redox Signalling Molecules Take illness seriously Listen to your body

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