Our Kids’ Perspective On Vegan vs Plant-Based - PTP319

In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with our kids Russell and Sage all about being vegan and plant-based. It’s really interesting to get their perspectives on what each of those means considering it’s not exactly something they learn in school and we don’t often talk about it matter of factly at the dinner table. Often they overhear conversations, videos, podcasts, and piece together little tidbits they learn about it at the health or food and drink festivals we go to. And be ready to get a lesson in reading labels from school-aged children! You may learn something.  We also talk to them about how they manage eating vegan at school and other people’s houses. They also tell us about how they feel about the way their friends eat. Overall it was fun. Our son was a little tired having just gotten back from an overnight camp and it seems like Sage was excited to have a platform to have her voice heard. Perhaps she is a good candidate for the Vegan Podcast Academy? We are now offering free training at where you can learn the 3 shifts you need to start getting your voice heard. When this show is done head on over and listen to that training. In this episode we discuss: Remember the kids  Plant-based vs vegan  Chickpea omelets Taking lunch to school Good and bad things about being vegan or plant-based at school Favourite foods  Cooking  Playing at friends houses  Reading labels  Trying vegan foods  Parties  Beyond meat  Kids health   Links to things we mentioned: Facebook group –  Host your own podcast with - use promo code "plants" and get a month free! Toronto's   Our Family Values -  

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