5 Amazing Transformational Stories That'll Knock Your Socks Off - PTP313

In this episode of the Plant Trainers Podcast, Shoshana talks all about 5 amazing transformational stories that have been featured here on our podcast. The truth is since we made this video we have had so many more amazing transformational stories. These stories keep getting better and better. Each one is unique from demographics to size to how they decided it was time to make a change and what tools they use to actually get there. But one thing that they all have in common is that they had tried so many times before to get healthy, and through a plant-based diet, scientific evidence, and social proof, they were able to get hold of their life and eventually start helping others as well. If you like the little summaries that you're about to hear be sure to go back to that episode of The Planters Podcast and give a listen to the whole thing. You can also share these transformational stories with someone you love.

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