9 Breakfast Ideas - Putting The "Fast" In Breakfast - PTP310

In this episode of the Plant Trainers Podcast, Shoshana talks all about breakfast ideas and how to put the fast into breakfast. There are two things that have happened to breakfast. The first is that people have stopped eating it as a way to cut back calories to lose weight or because they simply don't have enough time. The second is that people take breakfast a little bit too seriously 7 days a week. Meaning they have a full meal with all kinds of oils, fats, and heavy foods the body just does not need first thing in the morning. While there are certain groups of people that are taking part in intermittent fasting and therefore maybe not eating breakfast at all, the majority of people should be eating breakfast. The question becomes how do you prepare a fast and easy one that doesn't require you to wake up before the crack of dawn? Well, we have got 9 easy breakfast ideas that you could start with today... Well, maybe tomorrow.  Links to things we mentioned: Facebook group –  Tips To Get Healthy Food At Home a Variety for Breakfast – Breakfast Balls - Gluten-Free Vegan Pancakes and Waffles - Banana Muffins -

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