Optimizing A Plant-Based Diet with Dr. Brooke Goldner – PTP298

In this episode of The Plant Trainers Podcast, we talk with Dr. Brooke Goldner about optimizing a plant-based diet. This is Dr. Goldner’s second time on the show. The first time she talked about how she was able to cure her Lupus. Today we talk about more general nutritional needs for the general public, including pregnant women. Have you ever met or been that person who gets too comfortable in their lifestyle and before they know it, they have processed foods sneaking in? What about that person who should be thriving, but their health is on the decline. Or what about those people who just can’t seem to get enough raw veggies into their diet? Dr. Brooke Goldner is a best-selling author, the founder of VeganMedicalDoctor.com, GoodbyeLupus.com and creator of the Hyper-nourishing Nutrition Protocol for Lupus Recovery. She is the author of 2 best-selling books, Goodbye Lupus and Green Smoothie Recipes to Kick-Start Your Health and Healing. Dr. Goldner has starred in videos and documentaries such as Eating You Alive, Whitewash, The Conspiracy Against Your Health, Goodbye Lupus, and Super Healthy Meals for Your Family. As a keynote speaker and educator, she delivers her message and training to audiences and organizations across the nation.   In this episode we discuss: Gratitude Saying Goodbye to Lupus Minerals Processed foods and inflammation Not eating enough vegetables Omegas a fats Psoriasis Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D Prenatal and pregnancy Postnatal and nursing Children   Links to things we mentioned: – use “planttrainers” at checkout for a discount! Brooke Goldner M.D. – , , , , Saying “Goodbye Lupus” with Brooke Goldner, M.D. – How Not To Die with Michael Greger M.D. – Dementia and The Alzheimer’s Solution with Team Sherzai – Whole Food Plant-Based with Dr. T. Colin Campbell – The Ketogenic Diet Explained with Dr. Joel Kahn – Thank you to this month’s Patrons for supporting us on : “Joe” Millie Pearson Mary Lou Fusi Carmen Fanous Emily Iaconelli Spanish Armada Michele Olender Don’t forget to contact us at  with your questions! We hope you enjoyed this podcast! Please take a moment and  – we would be grateful! This will help get our podcast out to others who may enjoy it. We promise to read your reviews and consider your feedback. This show is for you. Please subscribe to The Plant Trainers Podcast on your favorite podcasting platform. Help us by spreading the news about our totally awesome Podcast! Click  for a list of our services

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