Vaginismus, Delayed Ejaculation, Penis Health a Posture: Change Your (Sex) Life Via Your Pelvic Floor

We’re joined by pelvic health physiotherapist, Michiko Caringal, who answers all of our questions about how the pelvic floor affects sexual health including: Why might ejaculation be painful? How do you address delayed ejaculation? Why do penises require pelvic floor therapy? Can my vagina fall out? Why is pelvic floor therapy important for cis and trans folks alike? What does a pelvic floor consultation look like? Who might benefit from a rectal exam? How can we improve patient experience to ensure more active vs. passive care? How do you clean your vulva and vagina? What does it mean to “release the tailbone”? How is back pain related to pelvic health and how can posture affect pelvic floor health? Follow Michiko on Instagram a Facebook. This podcast is brought to you by Cliovana.   

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