Stripping, Strap-Ons, Porn a Digital Intimacy

Andre Shakti joins Jess and Brandon to share their journey and story as a stripper, sex worker, educator and activist. They discuss: What Andre loves about stripping and what drew her into the strip club in the first place How to cultivate intimacy (in person and online) Strap-on strategies for beginners SANCTUARY, the virtual strip club How strippers connect with their clients on a more personal level How COVID and digital dates have changed connection for the better Creating community for sex workers Andre’s experience in the porn industry and prop 60 STI testing in the porn industry and what we can learn from The Bella Thorne OnlyFan debacle Follow Andre on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Also check out Andre's weekly advice column on non-monogamy, "I Am Poly(amorous) a So Can You!". Andre's image was shot by Tristan Crane.   

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