Cannabis, Endometriosis a Sex

Antuanette Gomez, CEO of Pleasure Peaks joins Jess a Brandon to talk about sex and cannabis. Pleasure Peaks is a sexual health company that develops products for women to have an optimal and healthy sex and this week, we discuss: How cannabis can be used to assuage pain and symptoms related to Endometriosis, PCOS, trauma, infertility, and menstrual pain Topical uses of non-psychotropic cannabis products Cannabis baths CBD vs THC Cannabis as a superfood The role of our endocannabinoid system How cannabis suppositories have been used to treat endometriosis Pleasure Island retreats Strain journaling Advice for newbies Her role as a young WOC in a now white-dominated field Follow Antuanette on Twitter, Instagram a Facebook. The podcast is brought to you by Womanizer.

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