Sex QaA: How to Get Your Partner to Open Up, How to Manage Mismatched Libidos, Anal Sex a More!

Jess and Brandon team up to answer listener questions about anal sex, discrepancies in desire, how to get your partner to talk about fantasies and more. They share personal insights and open up about some of their sexual experiences (even if Brandon doesn’t seem to remember all of them!). Jess and Brandon take to Instagram Stories to answer some additional questions, check it out below! This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts. (function(v,i,d,e,o){v[o]=v[o]||{}; v[o].add = v[o].add || function V(a){ (v[o].d=v[o].d||[]).push(a);}; if(!v[o].l) { v[o].l=1*new Date(); a=i.createElement(d), m=i.getElementsByTagName(d)[0]; a.async=1; a.src=e; m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m);} })(window,document,"script","","vdo"); vdo.add({ otp: "20160313versUSE323BX8fEvv3XzNvfcbrx7xkATA93MIAbleOLQTMdIIfBAJ0ju", playbackInfo: "eyJ2aWRlb0lkIjoiZjVjOTNlN2FmYTdkNDBjNTlkYzQ0ZThkYjcwNjQwYmIifQ==", theme: "9ae8bbe8dd964ddc9bdb932cca1cb59a", container: document.querySelector( "#vdobrx7xkATA9" ), }); This podcast is brought to you by Desire Resorts.

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