#192 Want More Pleasure? Choose YOU! - With Jenn Velmer and Samantha Blossom

Jenn and Samantha join us to talk about about how to use the wisdom of the body as a means for more pleasure. We also answer a sex question about orgasms and pleasure through the perineum and prostate (for penis owners).  Want to fast forward to the interview? Skip ahead to minute 14.  About our guests: Jenn Velmer is a FAMILY, ANCESTRAL a RELATIONSHIP EXPERT who bridges the realms of the multiverses within you to live the expression of your own wild magick each of us are holding within. Her background includes Quantum Energy Alchemist, Past Life Therapist, BodyTalk, BodyIntuitive, and Conscious Channeling. Samantha Blossom is a Soul SPARKLE Coach that focuses on Wealth Creation a Business Matrix Manifestation as well as decoding the secret language of your body. Jenn and Samantha joined healing forces to create the course: Intimacy which will empower you to become your own North Star!! To learn more visit soulit.co.  For 20% off of their program use code SHAMELESSSEX during checkout.  Other links: Get 10% off + free shipping with code SHAMELESSSEX on Uberlube AKA our favorite lubricant at uberlube.com Get $5 off while mastering the art of pleasure at OMGyes.com/shameless Get 20% off and free shipping on sex toy kits with code Shameless20 at LikeAKitten.com Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code Shameless at Manscaped.com Get your Shameless Sex swag (t-shirts, tanks, masks, etc) here Want to try one of our favorite boutique wines? Get 10% off of 3 bottles or more with code SHAMELESSSEX10 or 15% off of 6 bottles or more with come SHAMELESSSEX15 at marginswine.com Get 15% off all of your sex toys with code SHAMELESSSEX at purepleasureshop.com

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