#84 What Men Wished You Knew About Oral Sex

Episode #64 titled What Women Wished You Knew About Oral Sex was one of our top episodes. So naturally we decided to bring back Shaun from the Love Drive Podcast to discuss What Men Wished You Knew About Oral Sex :) Shaun is a writer and host of The Love Drive, a playful and honest podcast that looks into the broad and captivating world of modern sexuality and intimacy. He brings humor and depth to the often awkward, scary topics of the heart and the loins. This podcast is unabashedly sex-positive, bright, and alive. To learn more visit thelovedrive.com We also answer this sex question: How can we both relax and not feel this intense pressure for him to get hard? Should we get drunk or something? I can't help but feel unwanted and unattractive :( And I'm sincerely bored of all the foreplay and I don't reallly want to do it anymore.   

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