Hey Gen X'ers and Millennials, Are You Cheugy?- Episode 235

Are you "cheugy?" Do you like Disney? Do you use Herbal Essence? The youth are at it again, flinging words at us older Millennials and Gen X'ers, calling us old and now... cheugy? Listen now to find out how out of date you apparently are, fellow old person! SPONSORS: Buy a real plot of land you can visit any time, and make someone a Lord or Lady of Glencoe! Plus, you can help create nature reserves in Scotland... all for less than $50! Use the discount code 'GIRLS' to get 10% off at HighlandTitles.com Say goodbye to leaks, mess, and stress. And say hello to healthier periods for people and the planet, with Flex. Go to FlexFits.com/girls and use code girls for 20% off Flex Disc Starter Kits—or 10% off your first Flex Cup—PLUS free U.S. shipping!

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