Back to School During a Pandemic – Episode 197

VERY IMPORTANT EPISODE! Today we sit down with a teacher and a principal and talk all about heading back to school during a pandemic. Fears, anger, confusion... ALL THE FEELINGS! Plus, we answer your questions! This show is an absolute MUST LISTEN! SPONSORS: Adam and Eve says the best part of staying at home is playing at home. Take advantage of the down time and choose almost any one item at 50% off, and when you do…you’ll also get 10 free boredom-busting gifts including: 6 spicy movies, a 3-piece bonus kit, and best of all FREE shipping delivered discreetly right to your door! Go to and use code GGPC at checkout! As a new customer of Global Healing, you’ll receive 15% off your first order when you use code GIRLS at checkout. Just go to and enter code GIRLS at checkout for 15% off your first order. All products are backed by their “Year to Love It Guarantee” - love it or you can send your bottle back, empty or full, for a 100% refund. And they always offer free shipping in the U.S. a Canada.

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