Yeet! Melania Trump Isn't a Victim – Episode 194

Today Carrie joins us from the We've Got Issues, Girl podcast! We're talking about Melania Trump and mail-in ballots. We’re excited to announce that HASK is now hosting weekly giveaways for our listeners, where you can win a $100 prize pack that includes shampoos, conditioners, leave-in sprays, dry shampoos a more! For your chance to win, enter the giveaway at Better health doesn’t happen overnight, and right now Ritual is offering our listeners 10% off during your first three months! Fill in the gaps in your diet with Essential for Women--a small step that helps support a healthy foundation for your body. Visit to start your ritual today. Try Thrive Market and become a member risk-free! Go to Thrive Join today and you’ll get up to twenty dollars in shopping credit toward your first order. Natural Cycles is the natural and effective birth control alternative you’ve been searching for. Go to Natural and use promo code GIRLS to get 20% off an annual subscription, plus a free thermometer.

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