Fat Mannequins – Episode 136

Nike has plus sized mannequins and people are losing are their minds. We shouldn't be shocked about it, but we here we are again... ???? LISTEN: iTunes: http://bit.ly/GirlsGirlsiTunes Spotify: http://bit.ly/SpotifyGirls Google Play: http://bit.ly/GPGirlsGirls Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/SCGirlsGirls Listen online: girlsgirlsmedia.com/girls-girls-podcast ???? PATREON: Become a patron of Girl’s Girls Podcast! Support Brittany Gibbons and Meredith Soleau by visiting patreon.com/girlsgirlspodcast. A monthly Patreon donation of $2 or more gets you access to the private Girl’s Girls Podcast Facebook Group, newsletters, and an extra podcast every month, and free tickets to our live shows. ????SPONSORS: We dare you to smell the difference between Dossier’s perfumes and the luxury brands. Try Dossier today RISK FREE and enjoy 20% OFF your order. Head on over to dossier.co/girls and use the code GIRLS at checkout for 20% off. Lola is reproductive care for women, by women. They’ve got you covered with trusted period and sexual health products delivered to your door. Visit mylola.com and use promo GIRLS for 40% off. The Travel Smith plans custom vacations to Disney Destinations, All-Inclusive Resorts, Cruises, Europe, and everywhere else in between. They listen to your needs and find a great place for you within your budget all at no additional cost to you. Get your free quote at TheTravelSmith.net.

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