Badass B!tches a Student Loan Forgiveness – Episode 129

Natasha Salazar can swap out the engine in your car while wearing high heels. She's the lead singer of a rock band (Sugarpax), and she brought Brittany a Meredith homemade wine. Spoiler alert: Everyone is drunk by the end of the episode. ???? LISTEN: iTunes: Spotify: Google Play: Soundcloud: Listen online: ???? PATREON: Become a patron of Girl’s Girls Podcast! Support Brittany Gibbons and Meredith Soleau by visiting A monthly Patreon donation of $2 or more gets you access to the private Girl’s Girls Podcast Facebook Group, newsletters, and an extra podcast every month, and free tickets to our live shows. ????Today’s Sponsors: BetterHelp is your online counseling and therapy solution.Tap into the world's largest network of licensed, accredited, and experienced counselors who can help you with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma, grief, and more. With our counselors, you get the same professionalism and quality you would expect from an in-office counselor, but with the ability to communicate when and how you want. Get BetterHelp by going to to receive 10% off your first month.

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