JOMO - Episode 83

Some people experience FOMO, some people experience JOMO. And great news! We're one step closer to Wonder Woman Island! Women are now choosing to live and raise their families with a BFF. On this week's show, Meredith Soleau and Brittany Gibbons are joined by friend-of-the-pod Tracy White.  iTunes:  Google Play: Soundcloud: Listen online: Become a patron of Girl's Girls Podcast! Support Brittany Gibbons and Meredith Soleau by visiting A monthly Patreon donation of $2 or more gets you access to the Girl's Girls Podcast Facebook Group, Newsletter, and special Patreon-Only content (like extra podcasts, webcam feeds, and blooper reels). Today's episode is brought to you by: POSHMARK: Time to clean out our closet thanks to @Poshmark! Download the Poshmark app and shop or sell! Find us at ! Use Promo code: @girlsgirlspod!  Things I Found Online stars Voice Over Great Joe Cipriano, Radio Personality Larry Morgan and Premiere Radio Founder Louise Palanker. We grew up with one way media but we are now all the consumers AND the creators of the content that informs, instructs, amuses, annoys, supports, attacks, distracts and entertains us. So, Let’s talk about it. Beware. Radio legends are exploring the Internet. Check them out in iTunes or at

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