It’s Okay To Be Broken with Erica Garza

Erica Garza, journalist and author of Getting Off, joins Rob for an honest and raw discussion of her past experiences with porn and sex addiction, and how it led to her now being a voice for redemption and women throughout the world.  Erica took her own shame, guilt and fear surrounding the topic and turned to a path of self-care, support and honesty. She embodies the future of female power and bravely uses her own past to light a future for those broken to recover.     TAKEAWAYS: [2:08] Loneliness was a theme from early on in Erica’s life. Around 12, she masturbated compulsively and had a sense of guilt and shame about sexuality, with little to no discussion about what was happening. She was diagnosed with scoliosis at the same age, and started to use masturbation and porn as a comfort to make herself feel better. This led to her seeking out continued experiences and scenarios that mixed pleasure and shame.   [7:53] Growing up in a family that doesn’t talk about sexuality can lead to a feeling of shame and confusion. [8:45] When someone sexualizes a sex addict an object, it may make them feel powerful and in control, but only for a short amount of time before isolation and emptiness kicks in. [11:47] Around her 30th birthday, Erica took a trip to Bali and paid more attention to self care and loving self talk. During this time she also met her future husband and found it refreshing to be accepted in her raw and vulnerable state. This inspired her to seek even more support, and take positive steps in a new direction. [19:09] Erica felt that being exposed and honest with her thoughts and feelings led to a deeper connection than she was expecting instead of the rejection she was feared. [26:51] Any trepidation of fear Erica may have of putting herself out there and exposing her story completely pales in comparison to the relief and satisfaction she gets from hearing how she inspires other women to seek help or feel better about their situation. [31:03] The internet can be both a place to run to during an addiction, and a resource for getting help.   RESOURCES Sex and Relationship Healing @RobWeissMSW Sex Addiction 101 Out of the Doghouse Cruise Control @EricaDGarza Erica Garza Eat, Pray, Love The Power is Within You Loose Girl

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