Social Capital At Work a At Home - Dr. Wayne Baker, Ph.D. - 305

Have you ever been around someone who just drains you of energy? Or, on the flip side, fuels you up? We all have energy flows, and it can actually be mapped among us. In episode 305 of the RS podcast Dr. Wayne Baker, an author and sociologist, shares his work with energy mapping and why we need both human capital AND social capital to be more effective in our relationships (I just learned these terms too and it’s fascinating stuff!).  This one is especially valuable for bosses, business owners and anyone in leadership positions.   Shownotes:   2:25: Introduction Dr. Wayne Baker 7:45: What is social capital? 9:00: How energy flows in our social networks 14:35: Human and social capital on this day and age 16:55: 4 elements of high-quality connections 23:55: Team culture values 29:15: What can we do to implement and promote better values 34:25: Advice for people in positions of power 41.15: Action Step

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