2 Types Of Narcissism a How To Avoid Them - Dr. Stan Tatkin, Ph.D. - 304

A lot of podcast listeners ask about narcissism so I thought I’d find an expert. Stan Tatkin is that guy. He did his dissertation on narcissism. So this one gets really dense. Stan reminds the listener that if you find yourself with a narcissistic person, you might want to look in the mirror. Gulp.   Shownotes:   7:50 Introduction Dr. Stan Tatkin 17:05 What is a narcissist person? 26:45 The second form of narcissism 38:30 How narcissists perceive their relationships 47:30 Is it possible to recover from a narcissistic behavior? 49:40 How do you spot a narcissist? 54:15: The difference between a healthy amount of selfishness and being a narcissist 59:30 Are narcissists capable of experiencing love? 1:04:30 What can we do for ourselves if we are around narcissists? 1:07:15 Action Step

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