Resolving Conflict in the High-Stakes Corporate World - CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke - 291

In episode 291 of The Relationship School podcast I spoke with CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke, co-founders of Thrive! Inc. coaching and consulting which specializes in resolving conflict in the workplace and using it to fuel greater teamwork and collective creativity. They’ve worked with everyone from tech startups to Fortune 100 companies and have written books on the subject and even started their own podcast.   The two women, also life partners, have pretty incredible life stories and are just as passionate about conflict as I am, albeit in a corporate setting.  We talked about some of their own defining moments with conflict, speaking up to power, the importance of having real conversations, and how embracing conflict, as awful as it can be, can truly be life changing.  Have a listen!   Shownotes: 3:45 Introduccion CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke 12:35 Most common problems for people and teams inside different organizations 16:00 How to start tackling conflict and communication issues inside work teams 25:05 Tools for work teams to improve communication 29:40: How to give and receive feedback from others 38:40 Action step Useful links: 4063507691: Send a text with your name and Email address, and reply with the word BEAUTY.

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